298503_296480597042997_390463505_nEngineering EXPO at USF is a huge event for our college celebrating National Engineers’ Week. Usually held in 2nd week of February, this event features student organizations, and people from industry showing off their stuff to the Tampa Bay community. Friday and Saturday has many students who come in field trips from the local schools to check out engineering at USF. Its a great way to get kids interested in engineering as a potential field. Find more information at the official Engineering EXPO site.

Every year our SWE chapter loves to do it up, making it bigger and better each year. In 2008 and 2010 we won Best Student Organization display.

In 2010, we partnered with USF EXPO’s committee to host a Badge event for girl scouts.


2 thoughts on “EXPO

  1. Congratulations on your past successes! The photos are wonderful. Excellent outreach to the local community – keep up the good work.

    Anne Squire
    Director of Operations
    National Engineers Week Foundation

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