Ice Cream Social Aftermath

Thank you to everyone who came out and made this such a success!

We have 9 new recruits and got the word out that we’re here to many more.

Congratulations to everyone who won raffle prizes!

If you are one of the new recruits or are thinking of joining: head over the Be Active in SWE tab to learn about the big/little program and how to get more involved. Check out the Events tab for more information on the upcoming to do’s and for information about conference/career fair at WE13.

Any questions can be directed to any of the officers. We love questions!

And finally, WELCOME TO SWE@ USF!

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Week Of Welcome (Engineering Your Future)

During the first week of school each semester, USF hosts a Week Of Welcome known as WOW for all incoming and returning students. During that week, the College of Engineering hosted an open house known as Engineering Your Future. SWE took full opportunity of this event to showcase our society and potentially bring in new members.

Fall 2010

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