Bigs and Littles

Big Sib/Little Sib:

What is it?

The Big & Little Program, hosted by the Society of Women Engineers (SWE), provides new members with an upperclassman mentor or a “Big”. These mentors would be able to help students adjust to campus life and their engineering curriculum. They would provide valuable advice, such as what professors to take, as well as helpful study tips. The goal of this program is to create a close knit group of peers who can connect with each other both inside and outside of the classroom.

 Why join?

The Big & Little Program will provide members with great friends and lots of fun events. This program is entirely free. By providing members with Big’s, SWE is able to personalize its efforts to help new members. Big’s will help Little’s adjust to college life while also helping them make connections with professionals in the engineering community. Thus, ensuring a great start to a successful four years at the University of South Florida.


Pairing Off

SWE will host a Big & Little Mixer. At this event, new members would get a chance to meet and talk with all the Big’s about themselves before being paired off. Then, all of the Big’s and Little’s will be paired off based on major and compatibility. The major of each Big will play a large role in the selection of their Little. This ensures all mentors will be helpful to their Little’s.

Field Day

SWE will host a field day. At this event, all the Big & Little pairs can compete with each other at classic outdoor games. These games will include: the three legged race, the water balloon toss, corn hole, tug-o-war, four square, etc. This will be great bonding time for Big’s and Little’s.

The Big & Little Showdown

At the end of the year, SWE will host the Big & Little Showdown. This event will consist of an awesome barbeque and an epic showdown. In conclusion to a fun year, the Big’s and the Little’s will have a two part face-off. The first part will be kickball and second part will be dodge ball. At the end of this event, the Big & Little pair with the most points will receive the grand prize.

 How do you earn points?

Each Big & Little pair will receive points for the following reasons:

1) The Big, the Little, or both attend:

  • A SWE Meeting
  • A Big & Little Program Event
  • A SWE Social Outing

* Bowling

* Movies

* Ice Skating

* Etc.

2) The Big, the Little, or both take a picture of themselves sporting SWE gear or holding a SWE poster at:

  • A USF Athletics Event
  • A SWE Social Outing

**Double points when both the Big & Little participate!

How do you join?

Joining is easy and only takes a few steps:

1) Join the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) for free on Canvas.

2) E-mail one of the officers listed below with the following information:

  • Name
  • Major
  • Interests/Hobbies
  • Big or Little

3) Show up to the Big & Little Mixer on Sept. 6, 2013. (NOT Mandatory)

Further questions?

President Hayley Rohrer:

Vice President Sarah Alnajjar:

Social Chair James Swantek:


Sign up for the program at:

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